Sunday, June 16, 2013

This is my dad.

I always remember my dad as a patient and mellow man. I get my calculated, slightly perfectionist side from him. He is a carpenter and woodworker by trade and I've always seen him put a great deal of quality and pride in his work. (If you live in Eastern Iowa he's available for your finish carpentry needs. Gugel's Wood Specialties.) This work is who he is. Not that the work defines him or gives him his identity but rather part of his identity is displayed through his work. "Measure twice and cut once" is the common maxim in this profession and he epitomizes that value.

I remember it used to annoy me to no end when I would ask him a question and I would have to wait for his seemingly delayed response. He takes time to weigh the options and chooses his words carefully. I feel like his normal response time is somewhere between 5 minutes and 19 hours. I did often question whether he had even heard me. Like most children I always sought immediate answers and this was one of the ways he taught me patience. He has this ability to slow down, seek wisdom in his decisions and provide the answer needed, not necessarily the one desired, and that is one thing I appreciate most about him That ability is a derivative of his wisdom, which in turn has helped to cultivate more knowledge and wisdom in his life.

I respect my father as much as any man. He has always shown me love. He is patient and slow to speak but he is not timid and does not back down from truth. He was quick to speak that truth into my life. As a teenager I took the role of being a victim at the hand of my fun depriving parents. I tried to make my dad the enemy, one keeping me under iron rule. Nothing could be further from the truth of my father's character. Praise God for his wisdom later in my life that has reshaped my view of my dad into that of a loving disciplinarian who always had my well being in mind. Thinking back, the amount of freedom I retained did not correlate to my level of disobedience. Undoubtedly my dad's wisdom allowed me freedom while providing direction. He did not talk down to me and did not stifle my personality but he was there to course correct my character and endured the delayed manifestation of said character.

My dad is a man who has provided more answers to me without actually speaking words. I have seen him grow spiritually and in faith over the years. What an incredible blessing it is to have a dad who knows he must continue to seek God and grow as his son first. My dad is not perfect and that's what makes him so great. Dad, I love you. I am thankful for your example as a Spiritual leader, a patient learner, a follower of Christ and a loving father. I pray God continues to depart his wisdom on you and to give you vision of His Kingdom, leadership to advance that vision and strength to endure the trials ahead. God knew what he was doing placing you as my father. 

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