Saturday, February 12, 2011

How do you love?

Love is often a word thrown around in today's society often leaving it an empty, hallow meaning. What comes into your mind when you think about the word 'love' often speaks to the condition of your soul. So how should we love? Probably one of the easiest ways to love is to show love through our actions.

This past summer I was able to have lunch with Grandpa and Grandma Marner. They weren't expecting me since mom had not told them if I was coming into town for sure. Of course Grandma was worried about not having food to feed me. (I think she still sees me as a growing boy and well, I may be, just not in the direction I would like.) I tried to reassure her the purpose of my visit was not to consume their food. I did eat lunch there and I did not leave hungry.

Often when you see someone for the last time you don't know it is the last. I wish I would have realized sooner in life how important time with loved ones is. I can say I always enjoyed family get togethers but that doesn't necessarily mean I always wanted to be there (or that I was there). If I learned so much in the time I spend with my grandparents how much more could have been learned? This particular example of love was especially wonderful to watch. The way Grandpa cared for her, helped her get around, helped her was a blessing to witness and undoubtedly loving. They joked with each other in their unmistakable humor, these are two of the wittiest people ever. I left there not knowing it would be my last normal visit to their house but I left there knowing their love.

How do you love?

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